What to Consider before Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Planning on transferring to Africa to enjoy Gorilla Trekking Adventures, we recommend you peruse the following travel guide to enjoy the best safari tours.

How to prepare yourself for Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda

A number of questions are asked despite some being unattended to about Safari Adventure Tours in Africa, especially Mountain gorilla and lowland Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and The Democratic Republic of Congo. The most prominent Safari Question asked is which Gorilla Groups can be tracked in Uganda’s Bwindi Forest National park and Mgahinga National park as well as Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park? I believe based on my great expertise as a destination expert, that the few highlights here will give you a hint on how your gorilla trekking experience would go.

About the Gorillas

Gorillas are believed to be the most endangered species among the apes spending most of their time on the ground. They are purely vegetarian as their diet includes; bamboo shoots leaves insects and fruits in the wild. Just as the slogan goes, nature feeds itself; the Gorillas feed on nature for survival.

Gorilla Trekking Congo

Gorilla Trekking Congo

There are 2 subspecies of gorillas that are popular i.e the Mountain Gorillas that inhabit the areas of Virunga massif and Bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda as well as the low land Gorillas of Kahuzi Biega National Park in DR Congo after Bukavu Town.


Frequently Asked Questions about Gorilla Trekking

When is the best time to go trekking?

Gorilla trekking is a year-round activity, therefore, any time you get ready and organize yourself then set off to go track the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda and the Eastern Lowland Gorillas of Kahuzi Biega National Park in DR Congo. However, the Best Time to Track these amazing Gorillas is during the dry season in the months from December to March and June to October.

This is because during this time the trails are navigable and photography is clear offering remarkable unique memories to all kinds of travelers from around the world.

How can one obtain a Gorilla tracking permit?

Gorilla permits are officially sold by valid tourism agencies i.e the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda, Rwanda Development Board in Rwanda, and the L’Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) in DR Congo. You will have to contact them directly through emailing them and booking your gorilla trekking permit.

However, you can as well as contact and book a trip with an authorized Tour Operator Agency which will book and obtain the Gorilla Trekking Permits on your behalf before the date of arrival to track the Gorillas.

Where can I visit the gorillas?

Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park

In Uganda, gorilla trekking can be done within the Bwindi impenetrable forest of which several gorilla families have been opened up to both Gorilla trekking and Gorilla habituation.

Both activities are different in their own way price-wise and the timing to stay with gorillas is different. While trekking gorillas within Bwindi, one would look at a particular location such as; Buhoma Sector, Nkuringo Sector, Rushaga Sector, and Nkuringo Sector.

The Mountain Gorillas in Uganda can also be tracked in the stunning green Mgahinga National Park which is the smallest National Park offering remarkable Gorilla views. This is because the Gorillas here have a high area coverage with plenty of food making the Mountain Gorillas transfer shorter distances.

Nshongi Gorilla Family – Rushaga

Nshongi Gorilla Family – Rushaga

Before you book your accommodation, ensure your Mountain Gorilla Trekking location corresponds with your place location. I recommend travelers interested in Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Mgahinga National Park to stay around Kisoro Town which is situated about 15 kilometers off the Ndego Gate a starting Gorilla Trekking point for the Nyakagezi Gorilla Group of Mgahinga.

Volcanoes National Park

Mountain Gorillas can also be found in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda and be tracked just the same way as in Uganda. it will require you to transfer to the Park Headquarters where you will be briefed on the Dos and Don’ts around these amazing species then later in groups of 8, you will transfer into the forest and track these for a period of 3-5 hours when you meet them, only an hour is allowed in their presence taking numerous photos to keep for memories. The Gorilla Trekking Permit costs the US $1500 per person interested and can be obtained through contacting the Rwanda Development Board directly or a valid Tour Operator Agency.

Virunga National Park 

Virunga National Park is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo a few kilometers off the busy town of Goma. It is prominently known for offering remarkable Gorilla Trekking Adventures to all travelers interested in tracking Mountain Gorillas in DR Congo. The process of tracking these is similar to that of Rwanda and Uganda and the Gorilla Trekking Permit which is obtained through the L’Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) costs the US $400 per person interested.

lowland Congo gorilla

lowland Congo gorilla

Kahuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park is located in the DR Congo a few kilometers off the prominent Bukavu Town. The Park is prominently known for Eastern lowland Gorilla Trekking Adventures it offers to all kinds of travelers that transfer to DR Congo to track the rare species of Eastern Lowland Gorillas in their natural vegetation habitat. The Tracking process is all the same just like in Uganda and Rwanda.

 Difference between Gorilla trekking and Gorilla habituation

Gorilla Trekking Gorilla Habituation Experience
Gorillas are Wild Gorillas are trained to be approachable
Gorillas freely live in the wild Gorillas are monitored
Spend time with Gorillas for an hour Gorillas are followed from Morning to evening
In Uganda Gorilla Trekking Costs US $700 Gorilla Habituation Permit Costs US $1500
A Gorilla Trekking Certificate is issued No Trekking Certificate is issued
Briefing begins at 8:00 am The process of following the Mountain Gorillas begins at 6:00 am