The Eye Catching Murchison Falls

As the English saying goes beauty belongs to the hands of the beholder, this is true to the extent that one believes but some things speak for themselves. Uganda is endowed with so much beauty which is all unique in its way. Every feature has its own experience to offer but when it comes to Murchison falls, I get lost in the best words to use in describing these awe-powerful and might falls I wish there was a better way I could call them but let’s simply say they are eye-catching falls even though this one could also be an understatement. The Murchison falls are adorable, exquisite, splendid and so powerful with a pressure that once they hit the ground around them tremble.

The falls originate from the great river Nile and are between the two lakes Albert and Kyoga. The Victoria Nile meanders calmly running through 80km of shallow water and rapids to a wide quiet river until it pours its water into Lake Albert. For a breathtaking memorable experience, you don’t want to miss out on the hiking of these falls your activities once you visited Uganda. The sight of the pressure and greatness of the falls at the top is a breathtaking moment that I would highly recommend for every first-time traveler not to miss out on once you visited the site because this will give you a detailed story to tell once you return back home. The top of the falls is also a nice spot to pose and take photos for a remarkable memory.

Murchison falls

Murchison falls

Briefly lets talk about the park’s history, Murchison falls national park the oldest park in Uganda and is named after the geologist who was the president of the royal geographical society Roderick Murchison Sir Samuel White  Baker a traveler in about the 1860s. The falls  were also locally named Kabalega falls during the reign field marshal  Eid as president  Amin in the 1970s after the great king of Bunyoro Kabalega. The park was established in 1952  and is the largest national park sited on over 3900square kilometers with the Victoria Nile bisecting the park into two sectors northern and southern.

The Northern sector is endowed with savanna vegetation of thick grass cover, acacia trees, and palm trees among the rest making this sector the best habitat for wildlife. The big five mammals rhinos, lions, buffalos, elephants, and leopards are easily seen in this park. The park also harbors over 76species of mammals and 450 bird species. Unique animals like the hyena, civet, oribi, patas monkey, pangolin, warthogs, giraffes, and Uganda cobs among rest are also spotted with ease in this sector of the park. Game drives are carried out in the northern sector since it harbors all the wildlife that find the savanna vegetation a comfortable place for their home. The southern sector is comprised of woodland and tropical forest no wildlife is found in this sector.

Murchison falls national park, Uganda

Murchison falls national park, Uganda

Murchison falls is blessed to have an air balloon that is flied by a very experienced and certified pilot by civil aviation authority. The balloon is properly serviced and maintained regularly and also inspected by the civil aviation authority. The air balloon flies twice in the day sunset and sunrise and carries up to 8 people  For a panoramic view of the savanna vegetation and the wild life. The air balloon offers you a chance to fly up to 1000feet above see level, highly recommended photograph tourists since it gives the best photos. On your flight in the air balloon , you will have a spectacular view of the park , the top of the trees sunrise and sunset scenes, Lake Albert, and savanna vegetation , best view of birds flying and animals among the rest .

The boat cruise is an exciting activity with rapids of the falls  roaring around the boat in Victoria Nile Delta that   stretches  to Lake Albert shores where you can spot tons of  hippos warthog,  Colombus monkey, crocodiles among the rest. This Nile delta boat cruise will leave you yearning for more as the spectacular view of not only the falls but also  wild life like elephants feeding in water, huge crocodiles on the banks of the Nile. The boat is one thing I would not wish for you to miss as it could be you day’s highlight incase you sighted for example crocodiles opening their mouths and ready for the dentist appointment.

Talk about the cool and calm environment that allows you to relax on your vacation in the very welcoming and hospitable accommodations around the park. Every traveler or tourist goal of  traveling besides seeing new things is to relax from the day to day errands, the location of the park allows you to enjoy your vacation, its quite a distance from the noisy busy city  and cars giving you a quiet and comfortable environment to enjoy you stay and tour.

As I conclude, I will briefly take you through the Ziiwa rhinos sanctuary, a reserve by the Uganda wildlife authority for only rhinos. Here you will encounter only rhinos and ask anything you would want to know about them, the ranger will give you details concerning the uniqueness of this sanctuary.

In coclusion Murchison falls, being the most powerful ones in the world are very exciting and eye-catching that all who see them have a different experience to tell, remember your not only seeing the falls but also the wildlife and numerous birds in the park, the park is among the very few with falls in it in Uganda, trust me you if I say more you will book your tricket immediately.