Can You Make A Luxury African Safari Affordable?

Generally, an African safari is known to be more expensive than many other holidays. People go on the safari to simply experience the untouched wilderness, observe wildlife, and with the privilege of observing some of the planet’s unique wildlife and birding life. Because many of the tourists want an exit in the remote areas which brings a logistic of having a luxury African safari, this makes the safari more expensive because the price for the best African safari lodges is really hefty but it as well covers the meals and drinks as well as accommodation, incorporating an experienced guide and if not, most times it might also include a tracker.

This all together contributes to a wide expenditure. But would you like to enjoy a budget-friendly African safari and still enjoy it more, well there is a way you could have an affordable safari that is not so expensive and enjoy every bit of it using little money. This guide comprises the simple ways you could turn a luxury African safari affordable! And the question is how do you make a luxury African safari affordable?

Mubare gorilla family (located in Buhoma)

gorilla trekking in Africa

Travel to destinations that are not so popular. The lesser-known destinations are more affordable than the popular ones in Africa such as the Serengeti national park, Okavango delta, mana pools, and many more of the most pristine regions of Africa. A safari here offers more solitude and space for the destination is not more crowded and there is enough time to discover its treasures because Africa is so vast with a lot to discover. This is one of the ways you could have an affordable African safari because there is always a lot to discover and the amount paid in these destinations is generally lower than that at the famous destination, you should also not forget the exceptional hospitality you will get from this destination as their visitor compared to that of a famous destination.

You should stay more and travel less. The more you travel from one place to the other the more you increase your expenses and as you very well know the remote destinations have roads that are not serviced and you will have to fly in by either a light aircraft or private charted flight and the next immediate option would be driving long distances to get there hence getting from here to there will cost you. At the art of safari a tourist should stay three or four nights per lodge this makes it more enjoyable because there is less packing and unpacking, and you will have much time to experience what the place offers instead of other safari itineraries that schedule the travel with two nights at each destination.

You should travel not in the peak season, in popular holiday periods such as during the Christmas season, and school breaks the prices tend to go up. Not only will the most popular destinations be less crowded but they will as well be affordable during Africa’s green season. The wet season is the best time to have an affordable price African safari and you can be in a position to immerse in this experience.

mountain gorillas in Uganda

mountain gorillas

Make use of the lodging travel deals. Most of the time the lodges have deals to offer usually for longer stays and this is during the lower period in the wet season, for example, you could stay for four nights and pay for three nights and these automatically reduce the cost of your safari and this way making it affordable. You can take advantage of several deals to create a safari with exceptional value with the art of safari help.

Get to know the lodge classing or classification. Get to know the different levels of lodging straight from premium luxury to ultra-luxury even though all are luxury there is still a difference but the difference in cost could be high as 3000 %. A well-furnished luxury safari lodge cost up to 65% less than an ultra-luxury safari lodge and it’s good considering premium over an ultra-luxury safari lodge.
Use the advice of an expert. Most of the time it’s always good to use the advice of an expert because Africa is vast with a lot of options for creating a dream safari but the best option is to use a little help from an expert and even through research you cannot unearth everything.

You could choose a luxury of experience, to so many people a luxury safari is thought of as the ass staying at the world’s best safari lodge, and its everyone’s desire but the ultimate luxury is that of experience but the best is to have a remote location all to yourself as you enjoy the focused expertise of a private guide an authentic safari experience.