Luxury Singita Safari Lodge – Kwitonda Lodge – Kataza House

Luxury Lodges in Rwanda:  What look at the Singita Luxury lodge.

You have not experienced true luxury until you have had the ultimate experience at the Singita Luxury lodge found in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Singita Kwitonda

Singita Kwitonda

This lodge in Rwanda is owned and maintained by the Signita Luxury African Safaris and Lodges, that currently extend their services to four African countries which include; South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and last but not least, Rwanda.

This beautiful lodge located in Volcanoes National Park gives you a breath-taking view and leaves you in for an experience you will be bound to talk about for generations to come. The major activity you can carry out here is Gorilla Trekking because the lodge is located right at the edge of the National park where these primates reside.

The luxury lodge has the even more prestigious “Kataza” for which you pay USD 18,000 per night. Do not be quick to wali or scream, this article will tell you why you will not regret spending the cash.

First and foremost, there is a 100% guarantee that you will have privacy. This makes it perfect for busy people looking to find a place where no one will interrupt them on vacation, families that wish to have some fun time to themselves as well as couples that would like to share a romantic intimate experience.

The Kataza is also complete with features like a private night bar, 3 King Size beds, a wine cellar and a cinema room. You also get to access a fully equipped fitness centre and at the end of a long day, you wind down with a high-end massage at the private spa.

You also get access to your very own kitchen where you can get access to whatever kind of food you would like. You also get to select the type of cuisine you would wish to enjoy and the fresh produce from the luxury lodge “Akarabo’s Garden” will add a touch of finesse to your dish that will leave you wanting more!

Kataza House

Kataza House

Say Goodbye to the worry of noisy afternoons, evenings and nights if you like to spend your time flipping open a book or two.  There is a reading room, especially for you, in case you would like to step away while everyone else is watching television or having a loud conversation!

Did anyone say Bonfire? Why not! This luxury lodge also allows you to enjoy this and do not forget to carry your marshmallows in case you’d like to toast some as you sit by the fire.

Parents, you no longer have to worry about how you will control the children because at the Kataza, there are nannies that are specially trained to keep your young ones entertained as you go trekking or enjoy other activities within the confines of the Kataza.

You will wake up to the glorious sounds of the birds chirping and singing songs. The breath-taking view will leave you yearning to stay longer, and as you look out throughout window, you may occasionally get to see a few of the happy primate members of the Kwitonda Gorilla family which stay close by.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge

Singita Kwitonda Lodge

While at the Kataza, you get an exclusive offer to do gorilla trekking and because of the proximity to the animals, you get to see everything behind the scenes! Take your camera along to capture every moment as you go along!

If you choose not to stay in the Kataza, you can also get accommodation still at Singita Lodges at the price of USD 2500 for each night you stay, and if you choose to rent out a double room, that will cost you USD 5000 per night.

For a 3-day exclusive gorilla trek, you will part with $30,000, which will allow you the liberty to follow the route of any Gorilla family in the Volcanoes National Park and at your own pace.

Getting to the lodge from the National Park will take you approximately 10 minutes to teach the lodge. For patients who prefer to fly in, they will be proud to fly you in on their private jet that will pick you up right from Kigali International Airport.

Now how is that for a vacation or getaway? If you would like to engage with us more concerning the Gorilla Trek in the confines of the  Singita Luxury Lodges,  you can contact us here for more information.

We look forward to having you! Will you come along?