2 Days Rwanda Kigali City Tour & Genocide Museum Visits

A 2 Days Rwanda Kigali City Tour & Genocide Museum Visits with your tour guide and private vehicle will enable you to visit most of the exciting sites and monuments which bear Rwanda’s historical background. some of these sites will include the Gisozi hotel Genocide Museum where many people were killed/buried during the 1994 Rwanda war.

Nyamata Genocide Memorial

Nyamata Genocide Memorial

Kigali city was built in the early centuries by a German colonialist Dr. Kandt. His residence at the base of Mount Jali and Mount Kigali in the heart of the city has been converted into the Natural History Museum in honor of Dr. Kandt’s work and is one of the first stops on the tour. And now Kigali is one of the most friendly cities in Africa, the cleanest and safest of Africa’s cities attracting numerous visitors and investors to the capital.

Day 1- City tour

After an early heavy breakfast at your hotel, your Rwanda Gorilla Trek guide will transfer you to Kigali to craft a city tour. On this trip, you will demand to visit the Ntarama and Nyamata Genocide memorial centers and listen to the sad stories of the world’s ever massacre which left Rwanda damaged and an orphanage country. After lunch, the guide will now take you through the neighboring local attractions including craft shops, and cultural centers for entertainment before going to a coffee shop in the evening.

Day 2- City tour and Departure:

After a healthy breakfast, your Rwanda Gorilla Trek guide will pick you up from craft your hotel and take you through the remaining parts of Kigali city, like research centers, hills, and many more attractions for your excitement and all this will give you a story to tell back home. After lunch, drive towards the airport, for your outbound flight. Feel free to buy and take craft products from craft shops as they will mark your trip to Kigali-Rwanda.

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