Akagera National Park is covered mainly by savanna grassland with acacia woodland. The national park is situated at the border of Rwanda with Tanzania. Part of Akagera safari park is filled up by Mitumba hills, lakes; Ihema, Kivumba, Hago, Mihindi, Rwanyakizinga and River Akagera from which the park obtained its name. The relatively low altitude keeps the park windswept all the time like the cultivated hills and mountains that typify Rwanda.

Wildlife in Akagera
On a vacation or holiday to Rwanda, a tour to Akagera national park will give you the opportunity to watch big game like the elongated Giraffe, Butchel’s Zebra, Topi, Gazelles, herds of antelopes, elephants out to quench their thirst at the banks of the river and lake shore, the tiny Oribi, eland and chestnut-coated Impala. The leopards are also inhabitants of this park together with the hyenas, bushbuck, bush baby, lions, baboons, and the awkward Tsessebe.
In the lake, bloats of hippos are seen swimming while protecting their silky bodies from the sun. At dusk, they leave the water and trek inland, to graze on short savannah grass that is their main source of food. Bulky crocodiles often viewed at the sunbathing shores.You Can Take Wildlife Atrip to Akagera National Park

Bird Life in Akagera
Akagera safari park hosts about 525 bird species mainly constituting of water birds such as, Sand pipers, Ibis, Jacanas, fish Eagle and herons. It also supports some of the endangered species like the peculiar shoebill stork and lovely papyrus gonolek.
At Akagera National Park you can experience the camping trip, game drive, boat cruise, game viewing among others.