1 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda – Gorilla Trekking Cost From $1870pp

Plan for an exciting 1 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda that will take you to explore the Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park with an experienced safari guide of Rwanda Gorilla Trek. Go gorilla trekking in Rwanda for one day is an alternative to the 1 Day Uganda Gorilla trek in Bwindi.

Do you only have a short time for a gorilla tour in Rwanda? Rwanda gorilla trek offers a 1-day Gorilla trek from Rwanda to Volcanoes National Park so you can experience the ultimate wildlife adventure at an affordable price. This is great for business visitors on a tight schedule!

On this exciting day and full day! We will pick you up at your hotel at 4:30 am (or at the airport if you have a 4 am arrival). Our guide will transport you +2hrs north to the Volcanoes National Park headquarters at 7 am for the briefing and introduction to gorilla families. After a briefing together with your trekking guide, it is a brief drive to the forest trail to begin the trek. While hiking to the gorillas you will enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the rainforest. After enjoying a majestic one-hour stay with the gorillas, you hike back out of the park and the driver will meet you and transfer you back to Kigali.

Please Note: Gorilla families are constantly on the move throughout the park, and it can be a 2-8 hour round trip hike (plus the 1-hour viewing). Based on your fitness level and preference we will recommend a short, medium, or longer hike. Gorilla families are then allocated by Park Officials who will try to fit your wishes.

This safari includes:

  • Transportation in 4×4 Safari Jeep
  • Knowledgeable English speaking guide
  • 1 Gorilla permit per person

Planning to go gorilla trek in Africa on a tight budget,  select the 1 day Uganda Gorilla Safari

1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek Cost

The average price of a 1 day – trip to trek gorillas would cost $1970 for a solo traveler & $1950 for a couple, and $6120 for a family of 4 by road, by flight $4590 and $9500 by the family of 4people.In most cases if one wish to spend a night in volcanoes its possible why not, but hotel range from $150 for Budget hotel and $250 lower medium hotel,$500 upper mid-range, $1000 lower high end lodges and $2500 for super luxury lodges.

Gorilla Trek in Kwitonda Lodge

Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Is Gorilla Trekking Worth the Price in Rwanda?

A gorilla permit is the only highest 1-hour ticket at cost of $1500 a gorilla permit for sure requires everyone to choose what would be the best season where accessibility, enjoyment, and gorilla visibility would be at the highest peak. Given the fact that there so many interesting things/places to visit all over the world and gorilla trekking being among those that would bring priceless memories to you, the best time to go would be between early June to late September although gorilla trekking is done 7 days a week, 365 days a year but not all days of the month are the same. June – September are the times the weather is cool and the and travel is permitted so smoothly and in such season as you enjoy walking through the jungle the unmarked trails are not slippery and photographs come out clearly unlikely in the rainy season. Where visibility may not be clear due to mist in the jungle as it was described as gorillas in the mist.

Do I need to hire a porter for 1 or 2 Days of Rwanda Gorilla Trek?

In the first place who is a porter? Sometimes he is referred to as shepherd, these are locals who live close to the protected area the normally offer substantial help in one way or the other porters may have to do something like creating a human bridge to get you over a ravine during the expedition, the carry your belongings like cameras, packed lunches, water and. They also cut through the bamboo so you can trek, and Riley helps you to navigate through the rugged terrain.

How Much Should One Tip During the One Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda

In Rwanda, tipping was not among our culture, but due to the modern world and the coming of western tourists into the hospitality and leisure facilities in Rwanda, now tipping has become a common policy and everyone nowadays expects a tip after service  For a guided group tour,  according to your budget and the level of feeling about the service one should tip your ranger guide about $50-100 sole travelers at least $30-50$) per person and for driver-guide soles should tip at least   $100-200 and $150-200 for couple and above.

How is One Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek Organised?

The day begins with an early departure from Kigali at 4:00 am for the 2-hour relaxed drive to volcanoes park, upon reaching /touching the park base at Kinigi which is located in the Musanze district, you can enjoy the optional supplementary worm Rwandan coffee or juice.

By 7 am – 7:15 am, your guide will go through the permit registration, alongside passport verification,  with the staff of the park upon which the gorilla family to trek will be selected, and the trek is categorized. phases, Short trek, medium, and long trek depending on your choice and fitness lever as well as the bargaining power and experience of your guide in knowing which gorilla family is the best.  At this moment a maximum of 6 tourists are allowed to see a group of gorillas, from the pre-Covid rule that was 8 tourists were allowed to visit a particular gorilla group, now they emphasize social distancing. You will head into the jungle to search for the African silverback, after trekking which will take 4-5 hours, you will be rewarded a certificate after, and enjoy our lunch at a respectable hotel before we get to have a relaxed drive back to Kigali.

End of the 1 day Rwanda gorilla trek

Gorilla Trekking for People with Special Needs (VIP, Elderly & Seniors)

In real life, everyone would wish to move and enjoy the hiking without limitations but to some extent, once it comes to gorilla trekking, it’s an adventure of its own that leaves everyone speechless – memories of a lifetime. “JUST KNOW YOU’RE NOT ALONE” when it comes to our 1 day Rwanda gorilla trek, we always take care of Old aged, people with knee issues, hips, the elderly, and seniors. We take care of them. Why not get yourself onboard for our next gorilla trekking expedition we are always cool and supportive, did you know that during gorilla trekking, each group of tourists is assigned to one such Gorilla group and led by one guide.

Gorilla Trekking Trekking for People with special needs.

Gorilla Trekking Trekking for People with special needs.

Each guide is in constant touch with the trekkers in the hills for each group. The trekkers keep intimating the respective guides about the movements of gorillas and accordingly the guide takes the tourist group to the assigned Gorilla group where you will meet your group of porters with the African helicopter (stretcher). Once one sees the Gorillas from such close quarter your porter will bring you down to where the gorillas are, for you to take photos, and videos, you will forget all the pain was taken to reach that far and the shameless of being curried up in the stretcher, its not slavery in modern society but it’s the only way to make everyone enjoy the experience of a lifetime. It is really worth spending so much time and money on the adventure of a lifetime experience. Visit, enjoy, and cherish the rest of your life it’s food for the soul!  Being taken or curried on the stretcher charges  $350-400 on top of the official gorilla permit fee and less the tip that has to be given to porters, and rangers. Gorilla trekking is not for the poor

Gorilla Trekking Trekking for People with special needs.

Gorilla Trekking Trekking for People with special needs.

Transport 4×4

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