An Ultimate Guide to Booking A Gorilla/Golden Monkey Permit

Adventuring new places is one of the amazing and interesting things to do in life. Africa is among those unique destinations you should look out because its  a hub of many tourist attractions such as wildlife species, rivers ,lakes, mountains, cultures and traditions.

Rwanda is one of those blessed countries that provide chances to tourists to participate in the gorilla trekking activity. The sounds of the birds up  in the trees, the beautiful nature as you hike the dense forests and steep hills in search of these amazing great apes is one of the best experiences  in life. Volcanoes national park will give you the real meaning of waking up in the rain forests as you hear the echoes of different animal species in search of gorillas. This will be like a dream you will always want to have in life. The above article will give you tips about booking a gorilla/golden monkey permit in details.

Gorilla permit.

One may be curious of what the word a gorilla permit entails. In brief am going to clarify more about a gorilla permit. A gorilla permit is a legal card t that you present to the  park head quarters(Volcanoes national park) a permit comes with park entrance and ranger guides inclusive in the gorilla permit price, in order for you to engage in an activity called gorilla trekking.

Golden monkey permit.

A golden monkey permit is a legal  document that you provide to the national park authorities so that you are allowed to visit the habituated golden monkey families.

Gorilla Trekking.

Gorilla trekking refers to the process of hiking dense forests, rugged terrains in search for the gorillas. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is carried out from volcanoes national park. It starts with a briefing at the park headquarters.

Gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking is carried out once in a day and it is approximately a 2 to 6 hours activity but it also depends on the location of the gorillas. A permit is valid only and only for single day.

Note a briefing is more important since it highlights you to what you will have to do in the forest for instance rules and regulations to follow, and relevant information about  gorillas, which gorilla family are you going to trek.

After the briefing you will join a group of 8  people in order to go  and trek the allocated gorilla family but before going for trekking make sure you have the necessary packing list such as the good hiking boots, long sleeved clothings, insect repellents, packed lunch, gaiters, garden Gloves ,cameras, binoculars and many others.

When you reach in the forest and you happen  to interact with these amazing gorillas only 1 hour is guaranteed to you .

The one hour includes you taking a look on how gorillas perform different activities like feeding, breast feeding, and even taking some photos. After you trekking you will go  back to the main briefing point.

Golden monkey Trekking.

This is an activity that involves walking in the dense forests in search for the golden monkeys.

Golden monkey trekking starts with a briefing that includes one knowing the rules and regulations to follow while in the forest. When you are done with a briefing you will have to go to the forest.

Note but before going to the forest make sure you have the necessary requirements for trekking such as insect repellents, good hiking shoes, garden gloves, long sleeved clothing and many others.

When you are sure you have all the necessary requirements you a good to go to the forest.

As you a trekking you will be able to see a variety of bird species and some monkey species that is the red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and many others.

When you are still in the forest and you meet with these golden monkeys you will be able to spend 1 hour with them.

The one hour includes you taking photos of the golden monkeys and see how they behave with their comrades. When you are done with trekking you will then go back to the park headquarters.

Guidelines to follow while trekking.

There are various rules and regulations to follow you should know before engaging in the gorilla/golden monkey trekking experience. Some of the rules and regulations to follow include.

  • You should keep 7m away from the gorillas in order to prevent un prepared outcomes like disease infections and many others.
  • Sick people should not visit gorillas since high chances of infecting gorillas is high may later affect their health.
  • Don’t put flashlights while taking photos of the gorillas.
  • You must be 15 years and above to engage in trekking. This because children below 15 years always have diseases like flu and cough thus easy transmission to gorillas. Such diseases harm the health of gorillas.
  • Do not spit on the vegetations since its food to gorillas and always maintain silence while you are with the gorillas.
  • Try a lot not to make rapid movements while in the forest because you may frighten the gorillas.
  • You should not play or either touch the gorillas what you have to keep at the back of your mind is that gorillas are wild animals.
  • Don’t smoke from the forest.

The following above are some of the rules and regulations to follow while you are   trekking gorillas/golden monkeys.

What is the minimum age for gorilla/golden monkey permit?

For one to do gorilla trekking age is one of those key factors considered. The minimum age for trekking gorillas in Rwanda is 15 years. There are various reasons why children below 15 years  should not trek gorillas.

This is because chances of children  following rules and regulations in the forest is 0% for example they can fail to keep silence Not only that, but its aimed to allow the elderly to maximize their time with the gorillas since its once a lifetime experience .

In addition to that the minimum age for golden monkey trekking is 12 years and above in Rwanda. Golden monkey trekking can be done from volcanoes national park.

What does a gorilla/golden monkey permit cover?

The following are some of the following requirements that a gorilla permit should have.

A gorilla /golden monkey  permit only covers only entrance fees to the national park plus the time to spend with the gorillas/golden monkeys. Please note the permit does not include tipping porters, guides or even purchasing souvenirs.


To foreigners you need to provide Bio page of  your passport before the time of booking a gorilla /golden monkey permit in order to prevent eventualities.

Your passport is required because-your gorilla/golden monkey permit should have the clients full names, passport number, nationality plus the date of birth and all corresponding with the same information on the gorilla permit .

Necessary documents need so that your permit can be processed.

Passport/identity card.

Student identification card if you are a student.

If it does not  match you may not be allowed to trek since many chances of saying you are not the same person may be rampant.

Clients should completely be specific and clear while offering their information to the ones booking their permits for example you should give out the specific date, month and year for  trekking.

Take an example one may say l will trek on 22nd August 2025 meaning the next year so kindly be  well conversant with dates in order to prevent inconveniences to your clients.

The cost of a gorilla/golden monkey permit.

A gorilla permit in Rwanda currently costs $1500 for foreigners ,$500  for foreign residents,$ 200 for Rwandans and East Africans while a golden monkey  permit costs$100 tor foreigners, $65 per non-foreign residents and 4000 RWF for Rwandan citizens.

How to book a gorilla/golden monkey permit?

To  book  a gorilla/golden monkey  permit is very easy in Rwanda. First  you can obtain a permit online using the Rwanda development board website. The Rwanda development body is an association that aims at conserving wildlife in Rwanda.

The second option includes booking a permit with any trusted registered tour company. Rwanda has a variety of trusted registered tour companies so you will check and select one of your own.

Note booking with any trusted tour company will ease your work since they will prepare your trip from day 1 up to the end.

Why book a gorilla/golden monkey permit with a tour operator?

There are some importance’s of booking a gorilla/golden monkey permit with a trusted tour company and they include.

This is because in case of rescheduling a permit because of eventualities it will be very simple and possible. This is because  tour companys will have enough time  to make a follow up until your permit is rescheduled.

NOTE: After payment for your gorilla/golden monkey permit, you need to give us an allowance of at least 4-6 working days to have the money reflect onto our account.

Any  online payment comes with 4% sur charge on top of gorilla permit fee or Golden Monkey permit

The use of a gorilla/golden monkey permit.

A gorilla /golden monkey permit is one of those useful documents especially to the gorilla trekking lovers.

A gorilla /golden monkey permit is used by the park authorities to determine how many people will visit  the park a day and which gorilla family will they trek.

Further more a gorilla /golden monkey permit is also useful in conserving wildlife .The money paid to see gorillas/golden monkeys  is later used for conserving them.

Is it possible to refund a gorilla/golden monkey permit?

Refunding a gorilla /golden monkey permit is Not  possible but it  depends on different circumstances that may a rise for instance sick people are not allowed to do trekking. So a guest is allowed to reschedule to a future date

In case one falls sick before the trekking time and fails to communicate in time and the time for trekking elapses. He /she is not refunded the money but if one communicates in time he/she will be allowed to used the permit at future date.

Further more visitors who engage in trekking the whole day but fail to locate these gorillas  because of the movements made by them  are given another chance to do trekking

However those who fail to see gorillas the whole day but have engaged in trekking the whole day are only refunded 75% of the trekking fees.

Can a gorilla/golden monkey permit be rescheduled?

Rescheduling refers to an act of making some changes in any activity planned. Yes a gorilla permit can be rescheduled but this is only done when you present your reasons of making the changes in time this may be 1 week – a month .and it comes with charge of $300 per gorilla permit.

You need to provide meaning full reasons and also go into writing to the Rwanda development board so that you are considered and then later they prepare your new permits.

In life time is one of those leading aspects so make sure you keep time especially when you are going in to the trekking experience.

Is a gorilla/golden monkey permit transferable?

One needs to know whether a gorilla /golden monkey permit is transferable to another person . The answer is a no. A gorilla permit is not transferable at all.

There may be circumstances of one saying l may not be able to trek on that very day that your permit states  let me hand over to someone else to represent me. This act is not allowed at all.

How to access volcanoes national park?

Accessing volcanoes national park is very simple since it just a 2 hours30 minutes  drive from the airport. Volcanoes national park is found in the north western parts of Rwanda. The park also spans various districts such as Musanze, Rubavu and Nyabihu.

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