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Find all the gorilla trekking info about seeing the gorillas in Africa, Gorilla safari reviews, gorilla trekking groups before booking a gorilla tour to Africa. Explore the world’s largest primates in the world while on Gorilla Safari with Rwanda Gorilla Trek.

Africa as a continent is the home to primate safaris & wildlife safari and so the only destination for booking a gorilla permit will automatically lead you to gorilla trekking & watching experience in either Rwanda, Uganda or the Democratic republic of congo. Endless wilderness adventures for mountain gorillas, Eastern lowland gorillas will take you to Virunga Mountains park, Bwindi Impenetrable park & Kahuzi Biega National Park in eastern Bukavu, with the BIG FIVE  in Uganda of this region has attracted adventurers from all over the world for a very long time. Very few African countries have such a breathtaking range of landscapes, unique geographical features, and a vast array of wildlife.


You can come to Virunga mountains any time of the year for excellent Volcano Hiking & Gorilla trekking and views of the wilderness you will never forget. The key highlight of Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo is the  Gorilla Trekking from Virunga Mountains with an exception safari activity being Nyiragongo Hike in Congo’s Virunga National Park.

Where to go for gorilla trekking in Africa

Once you have booked and confirmed that your gorilla for gorilla trekking, select the best destination  (time to visit ) which you will go for the gorilla trekking experience and then request the reservation team of Rwanda Gorilla trek to guide you visit the best country of your choice and help them book the right gorilla family. All gorilla trekking safaris offered by Rwanda Gorilla Trek will lead you to either Uganda, Rwanda, or DR Congo. You can track gorillas at any time of year, although the rainy season tends to make the paths a little more difficult to navigate. The rainy seasons are March-April and October-November.

Selecting Gorilla safari from the thousands of portfolios out there is a daunting task. Unless you know exactly what you are looking for you could be overwhelmed by all that is out there. The first step to selecting the right safari for yourself is to consider your expectations. Are you wanting a luxury big 5 wildlife & gorilla safari, or a more back-to-nature-type walking safari? How long do you have for your safari and what budget can you allocate yourself?

Hiwra gorilla family.

gorilla trekking in Africa

How to Get to various Destinations for Gorilla Trekking

When coming to Africa for a gorilla trekking tour, there is no flying safaris for watching the gorillas, all gorilla safaris will require you to enter and walk into the forest to search for these primates in their natural habitat, even if the safari company says that it will be a flying safari, just know there will be a distance to be covered in 4×4 WD from the airfield to the hotel where you booked overnight stay and the drive from the hotel to the gorilla verifying point, However flying gorilla safaris are possible in Uganda and Rwanda, the case for dr congo is totally different. Old-aged travelers are advised to inform the reservation team to offer a provision of hiring porters that will carry you during the gorilla trekking exercise and you won’t move ( walk) during this gorilla walking experience.

Gorilla Flying safaris involve light aircraft transfers between the Cities and national parks. Once at the camps the lodge staff will take care of everything. You can choose to have a specialist guide for the duration of the safari or utilize the guides at the lodges and camps.
Most gorilla tours to African Destinations either start from Rwanda Kigali or Entebbe international airport with a few cases for Goma.