Bwindi is also one of the Uganda’s top birding destinations, with 350 types of bird including many localized Albertine a rift endemic species. Out the forest, community walks provide an insight into the lives of the Bakiga people living beside the forest. A walk through near by Buniga forest with Batwa pygmy guide demonstrates the traditional hunter-gatherer existence of Uganda’s oldest extant tribal group


Tribal conflicts have torn Rwanda apart during much of the independence period, culminating in the horric genocide that un folded in 1994. With that said, there are basically two schools of thought when it comes to looking at Rwandan identity. The colonial approach of the Belgians was to divide and rule, issuing Id cards that divvied up the population along strict tribal lines. They tapped the Tutsis as leaders to help control the Hutu majority, buildings on the foundations of pre-colonial society in which the Tutsi were considered more dominant. Later, as independence approached, they switched sides, putting Hutu against Tusti in a new conflict, which simmered on and off until the 1990s when it exploded onto the world stage.