Gorilla Trekking in Africa; Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo

Gorilla trekking in Africa; is a lifelong dream for many people around the world that have thought of visiting Africa for either a wildlife safari or primate safari experience, a dream born from childhood stories of wildlife and mysterious places – or it may simply be because the great plains of the dark continent are the birthplace of our species and we have an ancient longing for Africa.

So you have decided to make your gorilla safari dream come true but the big question is: where do I go for gorilla trekking on safari to experience the Africa of these dreams? Whatever the reason for the obsession with Africa, a Gorilla safari is the best way to fulfill the dream of big game, vast plains, and interesting cultures. But where do you start? Rwanda gorilla trek has the expertise in providing the ultimate Gorilla trekking safari experience, starting from day trips to Rwanda, Uganda & DR Congo to multi-country safari holidays.

When to go gorilla trekking in Africa

Gorilla trekking in Africa is the only safari activity that can be done all year round once booked with Rwanda gorilla trek for the ultimate gorilla trekking experience, with great gorilla safari reviews. There is no need to avoid the rainy season as the amount of rain is not much different than in other months of the year. You are traveling into a rainforest. It rains some of the time.
If I go gorilla trekking am I guaranteed to view the Mountain Gorillas or the eastern lowland gorillas on the gorilla trekking safari? Unlike other safari types that include visiting the primates in Rwanda or Uganda, when it comes to gorilla trekking in Africa, these are must see in case you have booked a gorilla safari to Africa starting from 1 Day Uganda Gorilla Tour that will take you to Bwindi, or Volcanoes national park for 1 Day gorilla trek Rwanda. How long am I allowed to view them?

Plan for a gorilla tour to Africa as a great chance to view the gorillas in their jungle, as on the gorilla trekking you will be accompanied by the rangers of the park to guide you on a gorilla trekking safari holiday. Rangers at the park monitor the gorillas daily so they always know the approximate location of the gorillas. You are allowed one hour of time to view the gorillas once you arrive in close proximity to them.

How strenuous is gorilla trekking in Africa?

This leads us to the comparison of gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda vs the Democratic republic of congo while planning for a gorilla safari holiday with Rwanda Gorilla trek.

Gorilla trekking is the same in all destinations and what differs is the nature of the forest where gorilla trekking is done in Africa, with only the exception being Bwindi impenetrable forest national park that is so thick as the name of the park, other national parks found within the Virunga mountains are clear to enable you to enjoy gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and DR congo.  The size and the level of fitness will help us to determine the gorilla family to recommend you to visit, so it’s advisable to ensure that when booking, you mention the age to ensure the right gorilla group is secured for the gorilla trek Africa holiday.

Mubare gorilla family (located in Buhoma)

gorilla safari in Africa

Where to Go gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda, or DR congo.

When it comes to being a question of gorilla trekking places, travelers find it hard to select which national park to visit for the gorilla trekking experience as all the destinations are located in various countries starting with Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic republic of congo as it witnessed that Rwanda gorilla trek offers safaris to Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of congo which make up Virunga Mountains that are the home for the mountain gorillas, yet Booking a multi-country safari is quite expensive but the trekking experience is worth the price as it comes with a lot of add on as the extras for the 9 Days  Africa Gorilla & Nyiragongo Hike safari with Rwanda Gorilla Trek.

Booking a Multi-country safari, visitors are advised to cross-check about the visa to make sure they have the right visa as the east African visa will not be valid when you have crossed into Dr congo.

Gorilla Trekking Rules

As part of the conservation efforts done by various nongovernmental organizations and government bodies, there are clear standards, rules, and regulations that have to be followed by gorilla trekkers that visit the mountain gorillas, and eastern lowland gorillas in Congo. Yes, the park rangers are very strict in managing gorillas and human contact. The rules include:

  1. No more than eight guests are allowed to view each of the three habituated gorilla families at any one time.
  2. You should maintain a distance of at least seven meters or 23 feet from the gorillas. Do not touch the gorillas or try to make contact. The gorillas will break the rules occasionally. In such cases, don’t increase the distance
  3. Between you and them, but drop back as soon as you can without disturbing them.
  4. Do not use flash cameras.
  5. Do not eat or smoke.
  6. Do not do anything that may cause the gorillas to stress or exhibit any behavior that they may see as a challenge.
  7. Respect their space, speak very quietly, and avoid unnecessary movement.
  8. Keep in a small group and never surround the gorillas.
  9. Leave nothing behind but footprints.

Weather Conditions in Gorilla trekking National Parks

Although the weather cannot be predicted with exactitude there is a general trend when it comes to the rainy seasons of the various safari travel destinations in Africa.

In Virunga Mountains, Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park the best time to visit gorillas for great gorilla trekking is the cooler dry season between July and October. The hotter dry season of December to March makes an African gorilla safari a bit of an adventure to even find wildlife, as the animals are scattered in their search for water.

  1. January to February: Dry season. The best time to go for game viewing. Also, the high season when parks get a bit “crowded”.
  2. March to May: This is the rainy season. So severe that a few camps and lodges are closed because roads are impassable.
  3. June to October: Short dry season with scattered unpredictable and short-lived showers. And another best time to visit Kenya.
  4. November to December: Even hotter and drier, and after your safari – a great plan is to head for the cooler coastal resorts to relax and recharge before going home.