Gorilla Safari Destinations

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Discover African mountain gorillas through the thoughts, words, and photography of gorilla safari guides, and gorilla permits, for either Bwindi or Mgahinga national park.  You are definitely looking for the best place to see the mountain gorillas and the silverback. Well, it’s all up to you; they are mountain gorillas, almost living in the same habitat. The question to ask is whether it’s convenient for you to trek the Ugandan or Rwandan. This is because you need to consider other attractions in that country, as well as the price. Please contact us for advice on this.

Best time to go gorilla trekking

Gorilla Trekking is a year-round destination with some of the best gorilla-watching national parks in the world either for mountain gorillas, Eastern lowland gorillas. The best time to go is usually July to February and from July to September and its the time when the gorilla permit is very hard to be secured at the last minute if you planning for a Uganda safari or Congo safari but it is very ease to enjoy gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda even on Last minute Booking with Rwanda Gorilla Trek.

While its possible for you to visit or see the mountain gorillas thought the year in either Uganda or Rwanda, most tourists choose between July and September due to other reasons such as the nature of jobs, the seasons of the year, and general travel trends, but you can track the gorillas at any time of the year, it’s always the same experience. Our own experience about what most clients have preferred as the best time of the year to visit the gorillas is June, July, and August since it’s considered a dry season… April and May as well as October are tricky due to the rains (not heavy though) making it difficult due to steep terrains.

How to get Budget Gorilla Safari Tours

Just like any other travel destination, it’s important to book earlier and avoid high peak seasons. You need to choose your lodge or accommodation carefully. Sometimes working with a tour operator can save you lots of money.

There are many guides around the internet that will instruct you to get a bus up to Kabale and find your way to view the gorillas in Bwindi. But this is not easy at all. For whatever reasons you have, please use a tour operator in order to have a successful safari. You can think of a cheap gorilla tour but in the end, it can turn out to be expensive.

What else to do after a Gorilla Tracking?

Apart from gorilla trekking in Africa, Africa is known as a top destination for big five watching experience that can be ad did after the gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda, Uganda, or Congo with the most lovely safari activity being the Nyiragongo Hike to see the world’s largest lave lake after the visit the mountain gorillas, Eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National park.

There are countless opportunities! In Rwanda, you can take a Dian Fossey trek, visit Nyungwe and Akagera parks for wildlife Safaris as a way to reduce the cost of the gorilla permit from 1500$$, and Check out Rwanda safaris to see the idea safari destinations with activities to be enjoyed on gorilla tour & Wildlife safari in Africa once booked with Rwanda Gorilla Trek.

In Uganda, you can visit other primates such as the chimpanzee, baboons, and monkey species. Sorry, you won’t find the Orangutans here! You can visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for the tree-climbing lions. You can also visit Other East African destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania.

Can you adopt a gorilla?

You can adopt a gorilla in Rwanda or Uganda using the sponsorship projects of conservation organizations such as friend a gorilla. Since these mountain gorillas are endangered, your contribution to conservation is very much called for.

Age Limit
The age limit for gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda is 15 years of age. While it’s possible for you to have an excellent gorilla safari with your kids, sometimes it’s rather hard. Trekking requires some level of physical fitness.

Both in Uganda and Rwanda, mountain gorillas contribute to the local community often branded as poor. There are so many eco-tourism projects. Most of the lodges around the parks do contribute to mission schools, health centers, and cultural conservation. We arrange gorilla conservation trips in Uganda and Rwanda.