The Best Time To Visit Uganda

Are you wondering when best you can visit Uganda! Well here are some few insights on when best you can visit for a remarkable and memorable experience.   Uganda has majorly two seasons dry and wet seasons.

Starting with dry  season, which runs from June to August and between December to February. During the dry season usually in Uganda we expect little or even  no rains at all. This atmosphere and the weather conditions are very favorable  and conducive during this  season making it the best time travel. The endangered species i.e. might gorillas and chimpanzees can be trekked with ease as the thick vegetation forest is not as slippery as would be in the wet seasons.  If you have a passion for trekking but you also the kind of person with phobia for too much mud and rain or you fear getting wet I would highly recommend you to consider travelling during this season, though gorillas and chimpanzees can be trekked at any time of the year as the temperatures of our country are  always 24degrees celicius and 30degrees celicius .

Nyakagezi Gorilla Family – (Mgahinga)

Nyakagezi Gorilla Family – (Mgahinga)

Game drives in  this season are always smooth and enjoyable since the ground in the parks is usually dry and cars move with a lot of easy . Wildlife is easily spotted in the game parks as large numbers of animals are seen going to waterholes to cool n quench their thirst. Afternoon boat cruises are also among the great memorable experiences and  here you get to see different wildlife cooling off in the water especially in Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park and Lake Mburo. You will spot elephants, buffalos, hippos, among the rest and a given number of  bird species.   It’s also easy to spot wildlife during the dry season taking shed during the hot sun under the savannah vegetation in the parks, if you lucky you will see the tree climbing lions taking shade from the heat in the tree.

White water rafting in  Jinja is so much fun during such a season. Going back to the drawing board on which is the best season to travel, i would advise you take on this, imagine doing the boat rafting and rain finds  you during the activity  am pretty sure it would hinder you from the fun  that you would have experienced if you came in dry season . Hiking the beautiful and famous Murchison falls gives a beautiful view again for people that don’t like getting wet

Much as the dry season is best season to travel to Uganda doesn’t mean people don’t travel and visit the pearl of Africa in the wet season which runs from march to  May and between  September to early December. During the wet season its easy to avoid traffic of both human beings and vehicles entering the different parks in Uganda. It is easier to get gorilla permits during this season since competition is less . The trekking experience is also a little different for someone who prefers to move in less numbers since during such seasons there are few permits allocated to a given family accordingly and a permit can be booked at any time . When it comes to lodges they also have fewer people during such a season and this is an advantage to people who are loners, or who don’t like crowds. The wet season is also advantageous since the prices of some activities and accommodation are slightly lower as compared to the peak season which is the dry season and this can enable you to save some dollars. To conclude the wet season can give you a great and memorable experience especially the great falls of Sipi and Murchison which are always violent and have so much pressure during the rainy season giving such a beautiful scenery. Therefore much as Uganda has two seasons the best and a great time to travel would be all through the year, as in any time since even the weather is conducive all through with temperatures being accommodative for humans even during the wet season.