Shopping in Rwanda, Rwanda Safari Tours

Rwanda located in Africa is marked by its hilly terrain that has earned for it the name of “Land of a Thousand Hills”. Rwanda has developed into an important tourist destination due to the rich bio diversity that is present in this area. The species richness coupled with the beauty of the natural environment had made it a famous tourist spot. Rwanda Shopping too therefore serves to cater both to the needs of the locals and the tourists.

Rwanda Shopping articles include baskets that are woven. These consist of lids which are pointed. Apart from this the other Rwanda specialties include clay statuettes, masks and charms. Besides, Rwanda Shopping articles also includes the local handicrafts.Rwanda Shopping articles also includes other products like mattress, shoes, and textile products.

Rwanda Currency is known as the Rwanda Franc (RWF). The denominations of the notes are RWF 5000, 1000, 500, and 100. Denominations of coins are RWF 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 AND 1.

Rwanda Shopping articles have further witnessed a rise due to the development that the country has made in the recent years. Such a development has also been made in the sphere of textile goods and products that has increased the variety of shopping articles meant for consumers.