Rwanda Gorilla Trek; Gorilla Watching and Coivd19 Rules

The wave of covid 19 that put the entire world in panic did not spare some African countries like Rwanda and Uganda or congo the same, its believed that after the spread of this deadly Diese many put were left nursing wounds with most of their families splint up and the impact is still existing in many areas of the country that everyone is forced to put on a mask and observing the social distances.

When it came to the hospitality industry here covid left more than 100 questions un answered when will the rules be relaxed? No one knows in hospitality like hoteliers are still observing the normal rules like washing hands and checking their body temperatures, and working at 80% full capacity,

Amahoro Gorilla group



Currently, all arriving passengers are mandatory to come with a covid 19 vaccination proof this acts as an indication or it guarantees you entry into the country but that doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to visit the mountain gorillas even if you acquired the valid gorilla pass.. when it comes to those who wish to visit mountain gorillas the language changes, as one is supposed to provide proof of negative PCR test valid 72 hours towards the time of gorilla trekking?

Who qualifies to take a PCR test or rapid PCR test

For those going for gorilla trekking, it’s mandatory to take the Normal PCR test if you’re to take the part in gorillas or golden monkey trekking while those going fr Bisoke hike and Kalisimbi hike, can take the usual rapid test which costs 5000 francs

WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO DO A PCR TEST IN RWANDA FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO GO GORILLA TREKKING? Covid test /PCR test in Rwanda is Done in Gikondo national government hospital where everyone, Gikondo is about a 20minutes drive from Kigali city center so any of the taxi drivers at the various hotel can drive you for that short distance but expect to wait for almost an hour to have your samples taken .and those who have limited time like those going for one-day gorilla trek or 2 days gorilla trek, these are advised to take their covid test from Musanze in that national referral hospital, and every client is required to go with their driver guide so that the result is sent to their local driver’s mobile number in that even if the result delays to come back, its easier for park warden to make necessary follow up before the client actually goes on the gorilla trek, and I would suggest the PRC to be taken from Musanze since there’s less congestion fewer people meaning the results will be taking less time to have them out. Compared to Kigali which tests more than 1000 clients a day, the chances of getting results out may take longer.

Can I have my PCR samples taken from my hotel rather than visiting the hospital in Gikondo?

Taking your PCR test right from your bedroom or hotel is fine and possible 100% why not? Put in mind that there’s an extra cost incurred of bringing the doctor /medical crue to your hotel, it matter of notifying your hotel at the reception and the medical crew will be next to your door in a blink of an eye it only cost you a few extra $$ on top of the official fee of $50 per person, this would save you time and stress in liniging in big queues for covid tests,

Gorilla Trek in Kwitonda Lodge

Gorilla Trek in Kwitonda Lodge

How much is the cost of a PCR test for covid19?

In Rwanda it’s mandatory for both the driver’s guide and the clients themselves to go for a PCR test  provided they have to do any activity at volcanoes park, The official fee for PCR test  for foreign nationals/tourists is supposed to be  $50 for those foreigners who which to participate in any primates trekking  like gorillas and golden monkeys  while local driver guides to pay 5000 fr ( Rwandan francs) its mandatory, and payment has to be by cashless or by mobile money, No hard cash will be allowed at the point of reception at the hospital so you’re advised to have the money put on your visa cards to avoid inconveniences on the last minute

How long do  I have to wait to receive the result?

You don’t need to wait to have the results out, it takes 15 minutes for the results to be out, alternatively, it matters of taking the samples, leaving your local contacts better to leave the ones for your driver guides contacts, and it’s advisable to have the local telephone contacts for one of the nurses for easy communication with him or her in case the results delays to get the results out then the results will be sent to his number.

If One is to Go on Multiple Treks it Means that one has to take another PCR test.

If you already did the first test, you don’t need to take another test much as you will be doing multiple visits to volcanoes park like those going for double gorilla treks and golden monkey so only one test will be enough.

But those whose departure airline requires a PCR test before departure, are advised to take one too in Musanze before driving to Kigali since there’s more convenience and less time consuming to take the PCR test in Musanze hospital vs doing it in Kigali Gikondo.