Owl Faced Monkeys of Rwanda

The owl-faced monkey is a species of Old World monkey that inhabits the bamboo and primary rainforests of Rwanda. The Owl-faced monkey has a close resemblance of L’Hoest’s monkey.

In Rwanda, the Owl-Faced Money can be spotted in Nyungwe Forest National Park. The forest provides an important research and conservation area for the Owl-faced monkeys.

You can find an owl-faced adult monkey weighing 7 to 10 kg, while females weigh on average 4.5 to 6 kg.

In color it is generally dark gray, with a characteristic white stripe that extends from the root of the nose to the upper lip, giving it an owl-like appearance, hence the name “owl-faced monkey”.

It has scent glands on its chest with which it marks its territory. Both sexes have bare, blue buttocks, and the mature male has bright red and blue genitals. The juvenile coloration is a yellow-brown coat and a pink face.

Owl-faced monkeys live for about 34 years in captivity. Owl-faced monkeys in Rwanda are a little shy but with our experienced guide on your primate trekking safari trip in Rwanda, you can easily see them in plenty. Contact us for this unique adventure safari in Rwanda.