Is Rwanda the Right travel Destination for you?

Dear Traveller, have you been asking yourself whether there is anything new you will see or experience in Rwanda? What is it about this fairly small country that will leave a mark in your memory and get you talking about your trip for generations to come? In this article, we at Active African Vacations tell you why you should consider visiting this country.

Commonly known for its peculiar breed of beautiful looking people, especially the women,  Rwanda is located in the Eastern Part of Africa. You will quickly notice when you get to Rwanda whether by air or by road, just how clean this country is! You may even get a whiff of fresh smelling air on a slightly windy day.  The culture of this country has always been to keep the country clean and people actively and happily engage in community cleaning days to keep this standard. The hygiene standard will make your stay here much more worthwhile.  Feel free to as your tour guide if there is any community cleaning activity you can take part in!

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In addition to this, Rwanda also prides itself in being a country that is very particular about conservation and because of this, there is a lot of vegetation that can even be seen to stretch across the 1000 hills. To a photographer, this would be your number one nature photography spot!  Rwanda is covered in bamboo and therefore, the vegetation is not too thick and can allow photographers to experiment and enjoy as much as possible.

The bamboo vegetation will also make it easy for you to see the Gorillas when you visit the National parks like Volcanoes National Park for a trek. There are many gorilla families and you can choose which gorilla family to see! Carry your camera, you might catch one smiling!

The heavy focus on the conservation of wildlife and nature is also a good reason for students of primatology, for example, to visit Rwanda. Here, you can get to hear and learn about the life of Dian Fossey who devoted her life to taking care of and habituating with the gorillas. On top of this, at Karusoke Research Centre, you can find the recently set up Ellen Degeneres foundation that honours Dian’s Legacy and also heavily supports gorilla conservation. There is also a Gorilla naming ceremony every 1st September to give names to the new Gorilla born in each gorilla family.

Gorilla Trek in Kwitonda Lodge

Gorilla Trek in Kwitonda Lodge

The wealth of history in Rwanda evokes deep emotion, especially about the 1994 genocide. Because of this, Rwanda has been a part of the Holocaust Museum and this has travellers running from all over the world just to come and re-live the stories and see for themselves.

Rwanda has seen a shift from being entirely French and German-speaking as a result of the influence of their Colonial masters: France and Belgium. Lately, there are more American immigrants and more American influence overall, which would make you feel right at home.

If you like to travel with a little bit of luxury, Rwanda is the place for you to be. You will get to stay at places as beautiful as the Siginta Luxury Lodges. Your experience will leave you begging to stay longer.

Here are some more things to consider.

Budget: As a traveller, you can get to choose which activities to do per your tour budget. The more you choose, the more you will have to consider for your wallet. The best part is that the experience is worthwhile and at the end of the day, you will not regret your experience. If you wish you have a luxurious stay, we recommend the Signita Luxury Lodges.

When to visit: Rwanda has a temperate tropical climate with a typical daily temperature range of 12 °C to 20° C and it doesn’t vary very much. This means you can visit Rwanda all year round. It is advisable to carry clothing that is favourable for changing weather. Raincoats, sun hats, durable sneakers and water bottles for a very sunny day.