Is Gorilla Trekking Worth the Money?

Gorilla trekking is indeed worth all your money. Based on people’s experiences of trekking the mountain gorillas in the tropical rain forests of Africa and everyone has their own opinion and their own different experiences of the trek. Gorilla trekking experience can be really challenging because you have to hike up the steep slopes in search of the apes and yes very tiresome but in the end, the hard work pays off once you come close to the mountain gorillas, its one of the greatest wildlife encounters, you will be amazed by the look of it all.

Gorilla Safari Rwanda

Gorilla Safari

In central Africa is where the small East African region is sandwiched between giant Africa, in this region, it is only three countries that shelter the great apes and so it’s in these three countries where their trips can commence. (Uganda, Rwanda, Congo) The Bwindi impenetrable national park on the edge of Uganda’s southeast is with the biggest population of mountain gorillas with half of the world’s population in the world striving in this park, few gorilla families have been set aside for tourism purposes, and these live-in small groups of around 10 individuals which are led by powerful silver backs. In this article am going to give you a feel of how trekking is worth your money.

There is a chance of 99.9% of you seeing the mountain gorillas as the rangers are always in the knowledge of where the gorillas are, as you embark on the trekking journey into the forest heartbeat to get to see the mountain gorillas you will have been located to a family to trek and its based on your physical fitness. You will head deep in the forest interior on foot as the scenery rushes past you as you meander along at a footstep’s speed with other hikers and there is nothing intimate as a thoughtful walking pace as you observe the emerald sights, smell, and sound of the birds in the jungle, thoroughly imbibing the spirit of the safari.

Rwanda Gorilla Trek

Rwanda Gorilla Trek

After a brief walk, you will get to see your gorilla family set out from the charming mountain town and here you will be amazed by these apes, life slows down at this moment as you get to see them in their natural habitat and at this moment you will feel the magic as you look deep in the great ape’s deep dark eyes watch them play from the fruiting trees and feed on the fruits and take as many pictures as your phone or camera can take.

After this magical experience as if a new life has blown into you, roam the remote hills and trek back towards the foothills but this raw experience will never leave your mind for as long as your existence on earth is concerned. This brings a torrent of mind-blowing experiences that takes you out of the comfort zone and perhaps far beyond your usual trip experiences and opens your heart and mind to a new life view on life, have your future read in mysterious leaves seeing the jungle as you approached the mist would clear for a spell.