How Expensive is A Gorilla Trek?

Gorilla trekking refers to hiking to the tropical forests of Africa to get to watch or see the rare endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat or forest interior, mountain gorillas are descendants of monkeys and wild apes found in Africa with a 98% DNA similarity to that of human beings.

Amahoro Gorilla group

gorilla trekking

These apes are found in the middle of East Africa. A lot of tourists wishing to travel to Africa and see the rare mountain gorillas always ask themselves this question, trekking can be done in three East African countries, these parks are some of Africa’s most spectacular conservation areas Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo is because these are the only places where gorillas still strive in the wild. While planning on a safari in Africa we try to focus on whether the trip is going to be a luxury safari or a budget safari but this does not determine how expensive gorilla trekking can be.

Through special permits, one can be granted permission to visit the rare endangered mountain gorillas and once found you are left with them for two memorable hours as you watch them play, feed, and take pictures in the forest. The price of the gorilla trekking permits varies from one country to the other, Rwanda is known among the three countries to have the most expensive gorilla trekking permits and a single permit goes for $1500, Congo is the country with the cheapest price of gorilla trekking permits also least visited country since its politically unstable, this scares away the tourists. Uganda has got a fair price for a gorilla trekking permit with $900 and $ 1500 for the habituation process.

mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest

mountain gorillas in the Bwindi forest

Three days spectacular Uganda gorilla safari can run from $ 1300 this quotation is based on budget travel whereas a luxury safari could take $3900 per person. For those looking for a longer safari in Uganda, a ten days gorilla safari in Uganda can run from $ 4800 for a budget trip and ten days safari trip for luxury for $ 6400, please note that every other day you will trek a different gorilla family with new terrain as well as new experience and after this experience, the value for your money can not be questioned.

It is possible to have a one-day gorilla trekking in Rwanda and this could cost you around $ 1700 and for a three-day luxury gorilla safari is at $ 2000 to $5,000 per person and for all these tours a gorilla tracking permit, English-speaking guide, meals, accommodation, and transport included. Congo can grant a gorilla trekking permit at $400 per person per trek in Virunga national park but it is sometimes at $ 200 but this is only in the low season between mid-march to mid-may. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, an estimated three-day gorilla trip costs $ 1500 on budget and over $ 2000 for those who want a luxury trip.

In conclusion, a gorilla trekking safari is costed depending on the kind of trip you want, if your interest is in the luxury trip you might want to spend much more money than a person planning a trip of budget. The number of treks also determines the cost of the trek because every single trekking has to have its own permits. You should also take note of the dress code while coming for the trekking because this is also crucial for your gorilla trekking experience.