Gorilla Trekking: A Life Time Experience

One may ask a question that what is a life time experience. A life time experience refers to something you will always remember all your life. In brief you may term it as the long lasting memories in life.

To me gorilla trekking is an ultimate life experience because I am sure when you happen to engage with the gorillas physically it is also another experience.

Gorilla trekking refers to the process of hiking through the dense forests in search for the gorillas.

In east Africa gorilla trekking can be done in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Gorilla trekking offers a life time experience to tourists especially if done from Uganda.

I say so because Uganda is blessed with half of the worlds population of gorillas. I am very sure this article will help you to learn more about gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Information about the gorillas.

The gorillas are very giant animals and share 98% DNA with us the humans so these are our related cousins.

Gorillas have broad chests, small eyes, hairless faces and shoulders like those of the humans. Gorillas are one of the most biggest and powerful animals. These wonderful animals feed all day long.

They live in family groups of usually 5 to 10 individuals with a dominant as silver back. The female gorilla is sexually mature at around 7to 8 years old though it takes long to breed. the male mature gorillas take long to mature.

Is Gorilla Trekking Difficult?

Different people have various questions that come in to their minds after hearing the word gorilla trekking.

Gorilla trekking is difficult  involves walking in the challenging terrains, hills and steep sides of valleys.

Yes  someone may say me l cannot manage to do gorilla trekking because you can not hike in the dense forests.

You can do gorilla trekking and you will be assigned to a gorilla family which is near and also use a sedan chair. The activity needs one to be physically fit and you must medically well and functioning to do the activity.

Minimum Age for Gorilla Tracking

To do gorilla trekking the age is totally considered in brief young children are not allowed to participate in this activity.

They are not allowed because of some reasons such as noise fear or fail to follow the rules and regulations compared to the old ones. The minimum age for gorilla trekking is approximately  16 years and above.

One may want to know if the old people are also allowed to do gorilla trekking. Yes the old ones are allowed to do but with help of sedan chairs and also giving them the nearest gorilla family for trekking.

Why Choose Uganda For Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking is one of the exceptional activities you can not miss  while in Uganda. There are various reasons why you should have the experience of gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Gorilla trekking is mainly done in two main national parks that is Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park.  Uganda is a home to the  half of the worlds population thus a unique destination for gorilla trekking.

Highest number of the population of gorillas is in Uganda.

Uganda is blessed to have half of the world’s population of the gorillas and mainly found in Bwindi national park. Bwindi national park is filled with gorillas because of the thick forests they feed on thus making Uganda a very wonderful place for your gorilla trekking experience.

Cheap to trek in Uganda.

Uganda is the only county in east Africa where you can see the gorillas at a cheaper price. The permit only costs  $700 to non foreign residents compared to Rwanda which is $1500. This makes Uganda receive many tourists because it is very cheap and it has almost half of he worlds population of gorillas.

Security reasons

Uganda is confirmed to be safe compared to other countries such as in Rwanda and Congo. Rwanda is safe though it is expensive to trek the gorillas .Congo is cheap but it has insecurities reasons thus making Uganda the most appropriate country for trekking. The safety of Uganda makes it a wonderful place for gorilla trekking.

Gorilla habituation.

Gorilla habituation is the process of making gorillas become addicted to humans. For tourists interested in spending much time with the gorillas then they will opt for gorilla habituation and Uganda is the best destination.

Bwindi national park will help to give you an ultimate experience since you will enjoy the gorillas.

Gorilla Trekking Experience in Uganda

It mainly starts with a briefing at the park head quarters which starts at 8:00am. The briefing mainly involves information about the gorillas, rules and regulations to follow while in the forest.

After the briefing and you have the necessary requirements for trekking then you will prepare to  go to the forest. After the briefing you will join a group of 8 people to ago and trek the gorillas.

The trekking period may take about 3 to 3 hours but it mainly depends on the location of these gorillas. When you happen to see the gorillas you are only given one hour to spend with the gorillas.

Here you will have a chance o take some pictures., see how they feed and how they behave.

After the trekking experience you will then go to the park head quarters and winners will be given a certificate. Gorilla trekking is the only activity that gives you an ultimate life experience.

Ugenda gorilla group.


Cost of the Gorilla Trekking Permit

In order for one to do gorilla trekking he /she must have a gorilla permit obtained from Uganda wildlife authority [UWA}. This is a tourism body that mainly conserves wildlife in Uganda. The cost of a gorilla permit is $800 for foreign non residents. shs 300000 for east Africans. When you have the permit then you will go for  your gorilla trekking experience.

Best Time to Do Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

There are mainly two seasons in Uganda that is the dry and wet season. The dry season is the most appropriate time for gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Dry season

The trekking trails are not slippery and not filled with mud which allows easy hiking in the forest thus a very perfect time while trekking.

In dry season you can do trekking easily, because rain  does not drop on to you and the vegetations are lush hence easy sporting of animals.

Packing list for gorilla trekking

  • For any interesting activity like gorilla trekking you need to have certain requirements which will help you while in the forest. Some of these include
  • Good hiking shoes
  • Water proof pants
  • Insect repellents
  • To help you from insect bites that would hinder you from trekking very well.
  • Long sleeved shirts
  • Cameras and binoculars: to mainly take pictures which will help you keep memories.

Accommodation Places

One may ask where will l stay  after trekking the gorillas. I want  to answer you that Uganda has a lot of accommodation places classified both in luxury, mid range, and budget, you select an accommodation basing on your income .Some of the lodges in   bindi national park include

  • Ichumbi gorilla lodge.
  • Gorilla mist lodge.
  • Gorilla leisure lodge.
  • Nshongi camp
  • Rushaga gorilla haven and many others.

All these places help one to have an extremely enjoyable trip after gorilla trekking.