Gorilla Trekking Adventure: All You Need to Know

For adventure enthusiasts, venturing into the wild on a trek gives unparalleled joy. If you are considering doing something different, consider gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda. A visit to the Dark Continent or Africa is complete with journeying into the depths of rainforests. And wilderness, especially in Uganda and Rwanda.

That’s where you will encounter the dark black species of apes or the mountain gorillas. The dense forests of Africa are their natural habitat, and you get to spend some moments of your life with them during specially curated gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda or Uganda. You will discover the kind-hearted patriarchal male gorillas, the playful young ones, and the reprimanding females.

Since the tropical rainforests of Africa are home to the most gorillas on the planet, even though their numbers are dwindling, you can be part of the highly popular gorilla African safaris or treks. Here, you can take pride in the local community’s successful conservation of the species.

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Hiwra gorilla family.

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What is a Gorilla Trek?

The Gorilla treks, often promoted by the tourism departments of countries like Uganda and Rwanda, are guided tours through dense forests. They are focused on finding mountain gorillas. Once a family of gorillas is spotted in their natural habitat, you get to spend some time observing them.

While gorillas can be seen in selected zoos worldwide, seeing these primates upfront in their natural homes is a different feeling, minus any human interference. Also, seeing this wild ape in a human-controlled environment is rare. Observing Rwanda or Uganda gorillas provides unique insights into their lives and the conservation efforts locals undertake to protect them. You also get the chance to preview their social customs and rituals and capture them on your camera as a lifetime possession.

Half of the planet’s mountain gorillas reside in Uganda and Rwanda, so these two countries are home to some of the most creatively crafted African safaris and trekking adventures.

Which are the Best Places to Go for Gorilla trekking?

The best places are –

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda, and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Ideal Time For Gorilla Trekking in Uganda & Rwanda

Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda are year-round activities. Both Uganda and Rwanda have similar climatic conditions. The right time for treks and adventure activities in the rainforests is between mid-December and end-February or early June and late September.

These two periods are dry and considered trek-friendly. However, the ecosystem where the gorillas live can be expected to be humid and muddy since these regions are closer to the equator; these areas receive some of the highest amounts of rainfall yearly.

What are Things You Wish to Have Known Before Going on an African safari?

When planning an African safari, you must gather some information beforehand. Here’s a list of things that would help anyone before embarking on a safari to the wilderness of Africa.

Packing Essentials

You must carry some essential items to help you survive arduous outdoor conditions. For this, you will need appropriate trekking gear. Firstly, you should carry waterproof hiking boots, waterproof jackets, shirts with long sleeves, and pants to safeguard you from insects, nettles, etc. Other must-haves are sunscreen and insect repellants. Don’t forget to carry plenty of water for optimal hydration.

Wildlife Behavior

Another thing you should have known before joining an African safari is that respecting the flora and fauna in the ecosystem is essential. This could include wild animals or vegetation. Humans must integrate with the ecosystem seamlessly, maintain a safe distance from animals, maintain the forest’s silence, and always adhere to the guide’s instructions.

Safety Precautions

When heading for trekking or safaris in forests, you must follow all park guidelines and ranger instructions. Stay hydrated, keep your distance from the gorilla family, capture pictures but never use flash photography, and maintain minimum noise levels.

Cultural Sensitivity

Appreciating the culture of the local community is crucial, too. Uganda and Rwanda’s tribal communities have a rich culture. During your safari, you will have opportunities to interact with local people. Therefore, engage and communicate with them respectfully and with sensitivity.

Furthermore, embrace different community-based tourism initiatives, like hiring local porters and guides for your trips to support them. This will enhance the authenticity of your trekking experience. Additionally, it will contribute to the economic development of these communities.

Things You Regret Not Knowing Before Going on the Gorilla Trek

Sometimes, you finish the gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda and regret not knowing certain things about the trek. It could be missed information or, at times, short-sightedness on the part of tourists. These include –

Emotional Impact

When you come face-to-face with the black apes and their young ones, you can be impacted emotionally. You need to be prepared mentally and emotionally for this encounter, which can be a transformative experience for many.

Expectations About the Terrain

Trekking to the heart of the African forest can be physically challenging. The rainforests in Uganda and Rwanda are rugged and primarily wet and muddy. The thick outgrowth, insects, and other aspects of the forest can be challenging even for experienced trekkers.

Physical Fitness

These trekking activities can take hours to complete; sometimes, it is half a day before a break is taken. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda demands that you are physically fit and appropriately trained to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Proper Etiquette Around Gorillas

Take care to observe the gorillas quietly without making any noise. Your presence around them should not disturb them. Also, remember to follow the porter’s advice and guide, such as maintaining a safe distance.

Unpredictable Weather

Even though these treks are best done during the dry seasons, the weather in these areas is highly unpredictable. You should be prepared to face sudden weather changes and carry gear to withstand climatic conditions optimally.

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Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda are extraordinary experiences, and they are not just another trek. You need to be physically and emotionally prepared for the journey and show respect for the ecosystem and the local community. Take the time to connect with the people around you and indulge in the experience of watching the gorillas wholeheartedly.

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