Gorilla Trek Guide to Africa. Mountain Gorilla & Lowland Gorilla Safari planners.

Many travelers allover the world dream or have gorilla trekking in their travel buckets but wish to make Gorilla Trekking tours either in Rwanda, Uganda or Congo for Ultimate Safari tour. Many tour companies are offering ultimate Gorilla Safaris in Africa.

Travelers can enjoy gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda on their independent Travel safaris or self drive safaris but Democratic Republic of Congo its impossible for self drive gorilla safaris as its not safe for independent travelers.

During the expeditious tour to Rwanda and Congo by the team of Active African Vacations, we came up with the practical information to guide gorilla trekkers in either in Rwanda or Uganda Without forgetting the Democratic republic of Congo.

Time Verses Experience. If your a traveler that has less time to spend on Gorilla Trekking , then Rwanda gorilla Safaris will rank the best option for you to enjoy ultimate gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park . For gorilla trekking in Rwanda it can last 4-6 Hours to watch the primates in the Jungle with the one hour offered to watch the mountain gorilla feeding in the wild, its among the reasons why Rwanda gorilla trek offers 1 day Gorilla Tours Rwanda. But if the traveler is more interested in true experience of the Mountain Gorillas in the Wild then Congo safaris ranks high due to the fact that Congo has more Mountain Gorillas in Virunga Compared to Rwanda where by the client still stands the chance to sight chimpanzee experience the next morning without run distance drive like the case in Rwanda,  Find out the best time for Gorilla Trekking in Africa on the Guide, Read more

Please Note that Congo safaris need a true African experienced traveler and long time travelers however from some reviews on Rwanda Gorilla Trek Day tours reveals that Congo is the best destination as its gorilla trekking safari come with a lot of Extra Activities.

Where Can I See Gorillas Mountain or Lowland ?

Gorillas are  divided into mountain and lowland and all gorilla trekking is possible in Africa as it hosts mountain and Lowland Gorillas . We recommend Rwanda, Congo, Uganda for mountain gorillas and Democratic Republic of Congo for lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park .  Active African Vacations is among the top destination experts that are offering lowland Gorilla Tours to Congo with the shortest being 3 Days lowland Gorilla Tour.

Rwanda and Uganda are mostly known for Mountain Gorillas but Democratic republic of Congo has all the species where it ranks high. Kahuzi Biega is the nearest destination for Lowland Gorilla Tours with other Activities like Hiking mount Kahuzi and Mount Biega , Snake park Visits and Nature walks in the jungle of Congo Forests with Extras city tour of Bukavu town. Please if you love to see the mountain and Lowland Gorillas then select the 7 Days Congo Gorilla safari with Rwanda Gorilla trek to enable you save on the discount trip.

Gorilla Trekking Permits

The costs of  Gorilla permits in Rwanda  and Uganda is slightly expensive compared the Congo Gorilla permits.

  1. In Rwanda Volcanoes National Park Gorilla trekking permit costs USD 750 and is valid for one trek.
  2. In Uganda the Cost of the Gorilla permit to trek the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi or mgahinga National Park costs USD 600 During peak season and USD 450 During the Low Season.
  3. In Congo the Virunga Mountain Gorilla permit costs USD 400 and the Kahuzi Biega National park costs USD 400.

Accessibility for Mountain Gorilla & Lowland Gorillas in Africa : All Gorilla Trekking National Parks in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo are easily accessed by road and we can recommend undertaking the 9 Days Africa Gorilla Safari adventure to reward you true experience of the mountain gorillas in all the three destinations where optionally Lowland Gorilla trek can be added on the package.

Whatever country you choose gorilla trekking either mountain gorillas or lowland gorilla is guaranteed to be a moving and life-changing experience.A close encounter with these amazing animals is not soon forgotten.

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